Jun. 6th, 2013

Found a Project Gutenberg copy of Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Boo-yah.

Reasonable Ali-insert points in Doctor Who:

- The War Games, though it would take a bit of a stretch. And Ali would specifically have to be from 1917, meaning Damascus would not have happened yet. Still, he could always have a vision of the future he would never have, as he gets erased along with the random bad guy who he'd have by the throat. (Everything's better with the Time Lords to blame)
- Broken Tardis - Three doesn't fail enough after all. And Ali could totally make snarky comments about his wardrobe.
- City of Death ... Scaroth must have been working on that machine for his entire 20th century life, after all. And accidents do happen.
- The Five Doctors ... I could think of a way, but it would be a big stretch. So no.
- Pre-Trial of a Timelord? Eh... everything IS better with Time Lords to blame...
- Post-Survival: I could have fun with this, because SEVEN but would Seven really leave Ali to never exist? (yes) And how would Ace take it? (having a kindred spirit of sorts? But then he gets erased and the Doctor doesn't save him? no I don't want to write that)
- Time War - no.
- While Rory doesn't exist - I'm leaning toward this mostly because it's easy, works well with "Nothing is written" and lends itself to spectacular Amy dialogue and sadfaced Eleventy. "No, Amy, don't bother. It's well known that Lawrence was ...deeply attached to Sherif Ali. Dedicated his work to him and all." "Mmm, I don't blame him. I'd conquer Arabia for a man like that myself." *sadfaced Eleventy* "I don't doubt you would."
- When Rory's back because eeeeeeeee it would be awesome! Roman and Bedu strategy shop talk! But I'd have to invent some kind of time erasure that doesn't involve the cracks because Ali is supposed to go away completely for the ending with Lawrence. (I might start with Lawrence looking at Ali bin Hussein too, wondering why he was expecting a different man, not a prince. Or looking at Feisal and wondering why he's so young.)



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