So after a few glances at Brig / Liz Shaw fic, I can't help noticing that the Doctor isn't even mentioned. I'm sure there's a joke begging to be made about him killing the mood.

So far, though, it just doesn't seem to be them. Maybe I'm picky, but I guess I don't see her as passionate unless there's a good hit of snark thrown in? And he just would never be the same without more dignity than circumstances warrant.

Anyway, watching her first scene to see if I can get inspiration for that Cambridge crossover idea that intrigued Lia so much. According to the Brig, she has done research into meteorites, and has degrees in "medicine, physics and half a dozen other subjects." (Oh I love this scene, it's like they're competing to be least impressed with one another's considerable accomplishments.) Considering her intense initial skepticism, what thesis could she have written to get her noticed by THRUSH? Certainly her particular set of studies lends itself to a variety of things that could pique their interest. I don't think we have to keep it too close to Illya's field, since part of the joke is that he's as wasted assisting her as she is assisting the Doctor. But they should have at least one conversation that drives Napoleon rapidly out of the room.

In other news, I really like the Series 6 soundtrack, or at least I'm hooked on the following tracks:

Tell Me Who You Are
The Enigma of River Song
36 Years
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

I particularly like that the Brig's tribute ends with Eleven's theme given the UNIT orchestration. It fits that scene perfectly.

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