Once there was a man with three coins: one copper, one silver and one gold. He kept the coins in his pocket where none could see them.

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A story

Mar. 30th, 2003 08:12 pm
Cairsten sent out a request for stories with happy endings. I liked my reply so much, I'm posting the story here.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl locked in an invisible castle, so that, to all ousiders, she seemed completely free. She could walk around as she liked, go where she would but the castle always stayed with her, and its battlements blocked the gentle breezes and the light touch of the rain. She could see where she was going, what she was doing, but she couldn't see the sunlight peeking out from behind clouds. The little girl always felt something was missing, but because she couldn't see the castle, she never knew how to escape her prison.

But then one day, when she went walking, she saw another child walking along. All of a sudden, that other child began moving strangely; twisting and jumping, leaning towards the ground and bouncing up. The first little girl couldn't see why; perhaps there was a bee, that would explain such cavorting.

The little girl moved closer to the stranger, and asked "Why do you move so strangely? If there was a bee, it's gone now. Why continue with this strange movement?"

The child looked at the little girl straight in the eyes. And there was something strong and compelling in her eyes as she took the little girl's hand and said, "Dance with me."

As they began to move, to twist about and jump and dip, the first little girl realized she saw a strange and...beautiful...path of light along which they moved. And as they followed this crack of light, it grew wider and more lovely. The little girl's movements began to grow more sure as she saw the path more clearly, and she realized this movement was...graceful. And she looked at the child and saw her as another little girl, with very happy eyes. The child saw the look of wonder in the little girl's eyes and made a strange and lovely sound, like something flowing with jumps and turns over rocks. Like a bubbling brook. The child was laughing.

As the path of light grew so wide she couldn't see the edges any more, the strange light began to fade. The little girl looked up, and the wonderful spot in the sky was disappearing behind a grey mass; and the girl grew distressed, because she had only just discovered there was another world than her prison; and she didn't want to lose it for the world.

But the child, her dancing partner, just looked at the the grey mass and smiled more. In a couple moments, something soft and wet splashed on the little girl's face. Her partner took her hands again and the dance this time was even wilder than before. As the dance progressed, more and more soft, cool drops hit the little girl's face. After five minutes they were both soaked.

The little girl reveled in the new world; but suddenly she realized her partner was gone. She looked up, and looked around, saw the child dancing off on her own somewhere else. The little girl had been dancing alone for a while. Her steps faltered; she could feel her prison closing in again. But then she stepped more surely and the walls flew out of sight. And as she danced in the rain the rain danced with her.



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