I had a funny idea a very long time ago that I would like to ask a friend who barely liked me to run away with me and join the marines.... I couldn't figure out why.

I have that feeling again, different details.

I want to flip away and race to forever. I want, again, a happily ever after that is nothing like a normal happily ever after. I want to live a life day after day in which the single good, reliable thing is just who I'm with.

Ahh, where's a tardis when you need one. I miss my ugly little blue car. I almost hate the thing by now, but dear gosh that little heap was fun. In totally obnoxious ways, of course. Cleverly frustrating speeders on the highway... fitting through places cars aren't meant to go... pissing Papa off because I understood its personality and he didn't...

I don't like having a car, but I liked having the blue pony. It was just ornery enough to be worth getting to know.
mayamaia: (Aia)
"Have you met Miss Smith? She's my best friend."

You know what it's like?

There is one thing I know that is unchanging.
It's a feeling of beauty and love that permeates the world
And when I am at peace and calm I can feel it.

There is one thing I know that is unchanging
And I feared once that you were changing it
But it changed me.

There is one thing I know that is unchanging
Something that seems to be a part of everything
And I was once shocked that you were part of it.

When I am at peace and calm I can feel it.
But when I am with you I can feel it
Without the peace or calm.

There is one thing I know
And when I look at it I am unchanging
And when I look at you I am



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