So I had a birthday party yesterday/last night. 'Twas most excellent.

Kat made lots of amazing food.
- fennel salad with oranges with a blood orange vinagrette
- whole wheat couscous with red bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, olives and feta
- risotto (or was it ouzo?) with portobello mushrooms, chard and kale (if only I could eat mushrooms)
- two quiches, one asparagus and bacon, the other asparagus and onion
- strawberry juice kefir and grape juice kefir
- chocolate stout cake (which was made with both chocolate and stout, not just chocolate stout) with Baileys in the icing
- hazelnut macaroon cake with chocolate filling and lemon whipped cream

(Also I made tiramisu cupcakes and cold brew coffee and kept the water hot for tea)

I told people gifts weren't expected but they brought some anyway

- cut flowers
- chocolate from Schurra's
- customized magnetic poetry with lots of Doctor Who, scientific terms, complex verbs and "Teacup". I will not be surprised if I discover "Lia" or "Illya" in there. I was going to take pictures but I forgot, will do it later.
- Doctor Who: Battlefield (YAY!)
- A model TARDIS by my friend Dave Canavese with a working LED on top which you can put an electric tea light in so it glows. He hasn't finished it yet, though. I promise pictures when it is done!

Oh, and I had Doctor Who running in the background the whole time except when I had Hamlet on.
- The Time Warrior
- Hamlet (with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart)
- Tooth and Claw
- School Reunion
- Battlefield!
- Dalek

And there were games (including the Magnetic Poetry game) and people from almost all of my groups (wish generalsleepy and Nich could have made it...!) and the last partygoers to leave left at 1:15 AM and my niece and nephew stayed over (they went to bed at 9AM and slept very well especially considering all the Doctor Who they watched before bed) and left in the morning.

It was so awesome!



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