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Argh lots of stops and starts not liking iPlayer much yet


"I haven't seen one since I was a little girl!" Sooo Vastra was a kid when they left?

"Your grasp of biology troubles me." HA!

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! I loves me post regeneration crazies!

"Or it could be the other way around, mustn't prejudge" Hee!

"Wrong! What's gone wrong? Have you regenerated?!" No, Doctor, that was you.....

I find the Matt Smith quirks VERY WEIRD WITH A SCOTTISH ACCENT it will be a relief when he's settled again.


Okay, Vastra needing to do the Scottish accent to calm him down was clever

hey that's an English accent Wait she asked if he's translating is it a quote? oh the tyrannosaurus

"No I think it's a hat will you let me touch it?"

Is he sniffing for his shooooooees? Nope. Chalk?

Really not interested in little therapy session. Though her having Marcus Aurelius on her bedroom wall is pretty cool.

Noooo fire noooo

"Shut up I was talking to the horse!"

"...and we will melt him with acid." "Okay, that last part?" "...And we will NOT melt him with acid. Old habits."

*pfft* Newspaper knockout

...you know, I think Strax jokes have become Moffat's Favorite Thing Ever

AHA he recognizes himself! And they're implying it was PURPOSEFUL

Eyebrow wiggling! But with an opposite feel to Three's

"I can complain about things!" Eeeeeyup

*cackles* "I thought you were painting me!" Also: call back to Benton's incident map?

Her face when he says the smell's everywhere!

So... Who placed the ad? *snerk* "Hang on. Egomaniac needy game player?" *pfft*

Whoa... creeeeeepy animatronics....

Ew ew ew ew ew don't PUT IT ON HER

That... is a flame in his... Um.

So is this whole season going to be What Has the Doctor Forgotten? Or even What Did He Leave Unfinished? ...like The Face of Evil all over the galaxy.

What. No.

They even have the previous androids' sounds and mannerisms.

Ha! Nightmares of a teacher! ...huh. Learning resistance from her students. INTERESTING. Let's make that more than just a one-off and that would offset Forgetful Doctor in cool ways.

Well Clara's being awesome. (No thanks to you, post-regeneration crazies man)


He'd BETTER... EWw

"I'm sorry... No actually I'm not, you're brilliant on adrenaline!"

No, it was Kim Boekbinder.

She really HAS adopted England hasn't she. She must really love Jenny (as if that were in doubt)

...I kind of wish "the authorities" would be a contingent of her kin...

So is the ship's name "Paradise" or "The Promised Land"?


You remember 51st century and not the androids' MO? Not that you ever realized the name of the ship last time.

"Skin." O.o

Wait do you suppose some of them... Got their humans' brains? Also: Do you think Moffat has been annoyed by people who didn't get it for the last eight years? *chuckles*

You're more machine now than man... No wait other way around.

Is he talking it to death? He's talking it to death. AWESOME

Well you know, the promised land is sometimes considered to be, you know, after death....


...both of you actually... Well no but it wouldn't be murder anyway.

Not showing it hmmm?

Ok Doctor stop being inconsiderate of Clara I mean it.

No she's not.

Hmm color has warmed and darkened. Better.

Is that Moffat's favorite line or is it his favorite line

I hate those age dropping speeches

Just because she was on Gallifrey ONCE, Doctor...

Totally The Rani.

*raised eyebrows* Didn't expect that... Oh man, he tried to comfort the companion during the change for once and it's almost worse. Aaah that's really weirding me out...

Clara you have students stayyyyyy sorry Doctor but she has kids to teach.

He SAID it, Clara... But yeah he is being super manipulative and has been totally not nice all episode, you stay home for a bit you deserve it.

Ah well.

...isn't Aberdeen in Scotland too?

*blink blink* what

the hell


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