Nov. 9th, 2013

My mind keeps chasing over
conversations we could have
Full of chuckles free and easy
Lessons lost in living lonely
Each our separate isolations
Willfully denied

There are things I want to teach you
or to show you
or to give you
All the sparks of how I see you
in an everburning flame

But my questions have no answer
there can be no echo back
And the light shines on forever
radiating at the black

Oh thou void of all creation
Oh thou emptiness serene
making minds to shine more brightly
with an incandescent gleam

Could we know thy every corner
Could the black of thee go out
If there were no night in heaven
there would lie creation's rout

Oh but no, if I could know you
Surely both of us would change
and the heat of that flow outward
to a world ever so strange
When we reach the knowledge boundary
And we crest its crumbled wall
Then we look on fresher valleys...

I can see him in my big blue chair
(It's the perfect size
For me to curl within it
Surrounded by body warmed soft leather
Like a mother's arms)

I can see him crouched there
Feet on the cushions
Hair uncombed
Smiling up in imp-drained innocence
Having won this round

I'll win the next
Just you wait
And wait
And wait I'm not facing him
I'm in this room alone
He did it to me again

He'll win every round on from now
Into the depth and distance of my reach
And I'll stand again empty and again
Wondering why I argue with the past



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