Jun. 10th, 2013

So one sits up late, as one may, watching interviews with Peter O'Toole, because he's delightful and so sweet, surprisingly so to any who has never seen him really at his best.

And you discover that his stories are really fantastically wild for all that they are terribly polite. And at points he says things which may be misinterpreted, but so easily that they never are... except by him. And he laughs, this one particular and peculiar little laugh, a high laugh, that calls one's attention to what he had said just formerly.

And suddenly you realize that this gentle, alcoholic, gambler with the permanent sweet smile has his head permanently in a place that calls his attention to the fact that he had just said "I had just kept on popping fags into my mouth all the time" and that it might be construed as something naughty, now isn't that just wonderful? And then the rest pick up on it, professional comedians who should have noticed it first, and they laugh not just at the error but also their own in not noticing. But then that's life for you.

Now, for every thing outrageous, there's another that is darling, and the greatest of these is his genuine warmth, of a sort that one does not expect from a man of the sort he seems. Old, proper, British... it is only his speech, the Received Pronunciation and the calm with which he uses it. But he is warm and unfettered by perceived propriety. It is lovely.



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