Apr. 28th, 2013


Apr. 28th, 2013 06:05 pm
I suppose the perk of being backwards about hormonal mood effects is that I can look forward to the decline of menopause as me being overall more calm and focused and sane for a few years at least.

But for now, I am very aware that today's low mood and distraction are closely connected to it being the END of my period and the return to normal levels of estrogen. I'm beginning to think that I should go on birth control again so I can have a clearer head. I just wish I were more creative on the low-estrogen end of things. Stupid tradeoffs.

Meanwhile, I will listen to perturbing lyrics to boost my mood.

Tuesday the eighteenth of July
My latest apparatus is the only thing that's keeping her alive
I had to stop her heart
The mechanical replacement will ensure the other organs can survive
Her body is destroyed
But what nature has neglected the fruit of modern science shall provide!
And I've broken every code of practice
But for my love I'd shift the planet's axis
She'll return to me when she's been repaired
She'll live again!

And I swear! I can see the gleam
in her eyes amidst the new machines
and at night I can hear her whisper:

Don't let me go my darling
Hold me safely till the morning
Promise when the lights are fading
You'll save me
You'll save me.....



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