Apr. 11th, 2013

There is no way that Cold War will be anything like as good as I hope it to be. Making a firmly classic Who monster work today takes some finesse. It's not the Ice Warrior that's the issue though.

No, the issue is that I know Mark Gatiss is an MFU fan. So I am going to be spending that entire episode this Saturday, looking for Illya in every corner of that Russian sub. I will be eyeing the crew for young blondes, for letters written to uncles, and listening for patronymics. That the episode takes place in 1983 just adds to the whole thing... cause that's the year of the return movie. So I will have an ear out for Chekov references too. And for any cracks from the Doctor about one solo ice warrior. I will not be able to turn it off.

The thing is, I am dead certain that he put references in the original script. I am far less certain that production let him keep them.

And if you think I'm nuts, I will also point out that Gatiss is a fan of Sapphire and Steel and his episode Night Terrors made me watch Sapphire and Steel. And as a fan of The Avengers, too, he wrote his upcoming episode, the Crimson Horror, specifically to entice Diana Rigg and her daughter to join the cast. Gatiss is a wily schemer and I will not put anything past him in his efforts to pay homage to any and all of his fandoms in his work.



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