Mar. 28th, 2013

It's nothing simply stated, but there's something not quite right
As we walk among the living trying to stay out of sight
For you and I are not exactly living as they are
Though we breathe and eat and fear and run afar

You and I, our days are numbered, in the battle-scores they're read
And each mission that we go on brings us nearer to the dead
And my heart beats oh so harshly when I fear that you might die
But my soul it pains me so much more to think it might be I

It is not that I fear dying, for I've danced with Death before
And she's just as fair a maiden as the rest that I adore
But I cannot leave my partner to an empty aching mind
No I can't enter forever if it means you're lost behind.

And I guess that means I cannot stay to risk my very life
But I can't exactly marry you - I'd make an awful wife
And if I took the Big Chair there'd be greater danger still
So perhaps it's best I leave while I'm alive, and have the will.

So I work as a contractor for a site called Wyzant, which means that I am paid through the site and they take a percentage. I don't have a problem with that, because the many services of the site are valuable to me.

But potential students are always trying to bypass the site and pay in cash. They think it's easier for them and should be easier for me.

It isn't. I have a contract, after all, and giving in would mean I was in breach of contract and liable to legal action. It would mean I couldn't safely report those earnings towards social security and Medicare taxes, and if I did anyway it would mean I'd have to do my own accounting.

Oh, but cash is easy to hide, right?

The really annoying part is they try to arrange these things over the site's own mail service. Wyzant blocks phone numbers and personal email addresses in the site-based email until they have customers' payment information. Obviously practical for the site, but good for me too since that payment info is a step to verifying that the customer - the STRANGER - is who they say they are.

So I tell students, "I can't read your phone number because Wyzant blocks it until they have payment info." Half the time they try to ask me to call them again, this time with the explanation that they want to pay cash. Over the site I just said was censoring their emails.

*throws up hands*

I would wonder if they were false, planted by the site, but I've later met some of them, given them lessons, set up a schedule. And sometimes had to refuse cash in person AGAIN, with full explanation of my contract.



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